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Avigilon CCTV Solutions

HD Bullet Cameras


The HD Bullet Cameras from Avigilon are surveillance and security cameras that are ideal for viewing objects and activities in complete darkness, through adaptive IR technology.

HD Dome Cameras


The HD Dome cameras from Avigilon are surveillance and security cameras that provide high image detail in a range of settings such as offices, hallways and building entrances..

PTZ Cameras


The Avigilon PTZ Dome security camera line combines high-speed tracking and 360-degree coverage with excellent image quality, low-light performance and video analytics.

Video Analytics


Avigilon self-learning video analytics extends the effectiveness of security personnel by providing effective monitoring and enabling proactive, real-time response from security team.

Video Surveillance Hardware


Avigilon provides secure, reliable and scalable platforms for high performance end-to-end security solutions from small sites to larger systems.  Avigilon network security recorders have Avigilon Control Center (ACC) software preloaded and configured for plug-and-play network video recording and management of multi-megapixel IP security cameras. Sydney security camera system surveillance camera cctv video cameras

Avigilon Radar Sensors


Avigilon offers a new breed of products which uses impulse radar technology to detect any human presence with impressive accuracy levels.  Avigilon radar sensors extend the surveillance to areas such as ATM rooms, healthcare facilities and banks where a surveillance camera cannot be used due to privacy concerns.

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avigilon CCTV Solutions

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