about us


Metrolec ....... The Name

The name Metrolec was first established in 1987 (Metrolec Electrical). After working in the security industry subcontracting to all the larger Security  Companies, it was decided that in 2009 Metrolec Security be formed and specialise in the Security Market.

About Us

Our main goal is to never lose sight of the most important values:-  

- Maintaining the highest standard of workmanship.  

- Using quality equipment.  

- Ensuring that our service commitments are prompt.

- Most importantly is that our clients‘ expectations/satisfaction are met.

Our Staff

As our clients are all aware, all our staff have been working within our company for many years.  Metrolec Security‘s main priority is treating our staff as we would want to be treated. This is why our company is more of a family run business....happy staff, happy clients.

Our Clients

Since starting our business in 1987 our main goal has always been having a good working relationsip with all our clients. The key to any good relationship is communication, trust, commitment and respect. We have been blessed in having great relationships with all our clients

Security at your fingertip

"Gallagher ........ the name that speaks for itself"