How secure is your current security system?

Gallagher Access Control

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With 150 personnel in their R&D department alone,  it‘s easy to see why Gallagher Security (formerly known as Cardax) is the most advanced innovative  Security Company.  Did you know Gallagher offers a limited lifetime warranty on some of their products?  Metrolec Security  highly recommends, supports and install Gallagher  Security products only.

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Salto Wireless Solution


Salto is an Online/Offline Wireless Solution that  can be intergrated to the Gallagher System seamlessly. Salto also offers many other products  such  as  Wireless Geo Cylinders, Wireless Padlocks, crash  bars etc.

Metrolec  Security  has  been  installing  the  Salto  product for  many years which has proven to  be a  very  reliable  and trusted wireless solution.  This solution has been used in many Universities and schools.

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Aperio Wireless Solution

Aperio is an online solution that seamlessly integrates into

Aperio is an Online Wireless Solution which can be  intergrated into the Gallagher Software Platform seamlessly. Aperio Wireless Escutcheons can be monitored via the Gallagher software. Metrolec  Security has  been recommending, supporting and installing  Aperio  Wireless online  solutions  in the Aged Care  sector  for many years.   Aperio  has proven  to be  an extremely reliable  wireless  online solution  (two  solutions  using the  one software platform).

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IndigoVision CCTV


IndigoVision have an extensive range of high quality IP CCTV Cameras and Network Video Recorders  (NVR) to suit a wide range of applications.  Protect not only your staff, property and personal assets but also protect oneself against OH&S issues which may arise from time to time.

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Avigilon CCTV


Avigilon have a wide range of high quallity IP CCTV Cameras and Network Video Recorders  (NVR) to suit any application.  Protect not only your staff, property and personal assets but also protect oneself against OH&S issues which may occur at your facility.

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Dahua IP CCTV Solutions


Whilst Dahua has come into the Australan market place at a lower price, the product has been proven to be of an extremely good quality at an exceptional, affordable price.  OH&S issues can very quickly be addressed as well as offering protection to staff, property and assets.

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Jacques IP Intercoms

Jacques IP Intercoms

Jacques have are an extremely high quality Intercom System that can be interfaced into the Gallagher System seamlessly (with the appropriate software).

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Aiphone IP Intercoms


Aiphone Intercoms have been installed in the Australian Market for many years.  The range is endless and will suit any size system from a one to one system through to a multi unit system.

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FAAC Boom Gates


Metrolec Security has installed many boom gates in some extremely high traffic areas. FAAC is a quality proven product which is manufactured in Italy.  FAAC have a wide range of automotive quality products that can be installed to suit all applications/budgets. Metrolec Security is proud to be associated with FAAC in installing an extremely reliable product.

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