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Command Centre

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Command Centre is the powerful software at the heart of Gallagher’s integrated security solutions, a centralized platform that gives you unparalleled control of every aspect of your site


T-Series Readers


Gallagher's T-Series Reader range provides contactless proximity card readers for access control management.  The T-Series range of smartcard and multi-technology readers, T10, T11, T12, T15 and T20, are designed to withstand both the rigours of daily use and adverse environmental conditions.

T20 Alarms Terminal


Available as an alarm management terminal only, the T20 Alarms Terminal forgoes its reader capabilities in favor of being dedicated to alarm management.  For sites that need access and access management capabilities, T20's with full reader functionality are also available

Security Cabinets


Gallagher Cabinets are secure enclosures for the safe and precise hosting of Gallagher Controllers and I/O Devices.  Gallagher Cabinets are designed to house multiple Gallagher products. There are two cabinet sizes available, accommodating either one or two printed circuit board (PCB) footprints.

Controller 6000


The Gallagher Controller 6000 (C6000) is a highly intelligent and powerful interface that sits between the Gallagher Command Centre server and the distributed field hardware, capable of processing, storing and communicating data in real time. security systems alarm Sydney alarm systems

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Flexible, fast, cost-effective and secure, Gallagher HBUS I/O Devices provide input and output expansion options, extending the connectivity of the Gallagher Controller 6000 and supporting shared cabling with other HBUS devices

Credential Solutions


Gallagher provides a range of cards and transponders for different reader technologies, as well as offering various encoding options.   You can customize your swipe cards with your own logo or message, manage cards with unique identifiers, and utilize the highest standard in contactless smart cards with MIFARE® chip technology.

Starter Kits

Gallagher's Starter Kit

Gallagher's Starter Kit has everything you need to ensure cost effective alarm management and access control for your business.  The Starter Kit is a complete package to get a small site up and running with integrated access and alarms management.  Two kit variants are available -  standard or with an additional PSTN Dialer

Command Centre Mobile App

The Gallagher Command Centre Mobile App

The Command Centre Mobile App enables you to extend your security and access control directly to where you need it, allowing you to manage everyday security issues from anywhere on site.

Locker Management Solution


Gallagher's fully integrated Locker Management Solution allows a site to manage locker access, automate allocation, and ensure the best utilization of their locker resources all natively from within Command Centre. Flexible allocation times and a dynamic locker viewer combine to make agile locker use a reality for the modern business.

Mobile Connect App


The Gallagher Mobile Connect App allows you to use your mobile device just like an access card.   Harnessing the power of Bluetooth® wireless technology, Mobile Connect software interfaces directly with Gallagher Command Centre, resulting in a highly secure access credential, when combined with Gallagher’s Bluetooth wireless enabled products

Photo ID and Encoding

Photo ID and Encoding is an optional licensed feature available with Command Centre, providing the a

Photo ID and Encoding is an optional licensed feature available with Command Centre, providing the ability to design and produce encoded and/or photo identification cards for cardholders.  An extensive range of options are available for formatting card layouts, including creating backgrounds, importing images and logos, adding and formatting text, incorporating barcodes and personalized cardholder data.

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