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E100 V3 Series Escutcheon


The E100 V3 Series Escutcheon is designed to fit Lockwood mechanical 3570 series mortice locks & provide a cost effective migration to an on line electronic access control door. In addition to mulit-format card access the external side of the door provides for key override entry, whilst the inside lever is designed for emergency egress.

RS485 Communication Hub


he AH30-3-0 Communication Hub is the link between Aperio locks and the existing access control system. Up to 8 locks can be paired to one Hub and has a standard RS485 connection, making it compatible with most systems on the market today. It communicates directly with Aperio enabled locks via an encrypted 2.4GHz wireless link, and is designed to be positioned above the door within approximately 5 -25m of the lock.

Aperio Programming Dongle


The Aperio® Programming Application is the software tool used to set up and programme Aperio based products.  Using the software the installer simply plugs in the USB radio dongle to the PC to communicate directly to the Aperio lock via the Communication Hub.  The software has an encrypted installation data base that can be used to manage any number of sites. security systems aperio wireless access control Sydney

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